Q & A with Andre Carson

The FOCUS had the chance to ask Representative André Carson some questions that have particular relevance to the student body. 


Our student population is 60% white, 20% Asian, over 10% Hispanic and 6% black. What is your message to students of color for participation in today’s political climate?

Just get involved. You have a voice, you have a story. Society is changing very rapidly, and don’t let your color, your religion, your ethnicity, your gender stop you from participating in the political process.

In the past two months, Perry has lost two students to gun violence. What’s the solution to reducing gun violence amongst young people?

I think we have to do something about background checks. I think we have to do something about mental health screenings. And we have to make sure politicians aren’t giving these guys a pass.

What do you think the role in today’s political climate is for the teen?

We’re in a different era where your generation has the advantage of social media, so you don’t have to wait on major media platforms. You can create your own voice, your own leverage, and your own space… You can build your own following through Instagram, through TikTok, and through Snapchat and leverage that following to have that big conglomerate to you.