Students balance faith and celebrations

When it comes to religion and other factors, many are not allowed to celebrate certain occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, and even their birthdays. 

With stores pushing the holidays on consumers, students here at Perry who are unable to celebrate, are constantly reminded of it. 

Adults who are more involved and have a better understanding of their faith, have a stronger will than teens and kids whose curiosity will be with them. 

Senior Faith Brown, grew up a Jehovah’s Witness through her mother, despite not being baptized into the religion or even really practicing the religion herself, she did as her mother did.

Although she went along with her mother’s faith, she didn’t fully understand herself as to why they didn’t celebrate anything.

Part of being a Jehovah’s Witness, her family would often try to go out and find something to eat, forgetting a majority of places would be closed for the holidays.

She celebrated her birthday for the first time during freshman year when she turned 15.

“That year I also went to my first birthday party so actually celebrating my own was nice because I just felt normal,” says Brown.
When she celebrated for the first time with fellow senior classmate, Claire Marlatt, it went differently from what she had originally imagined it to be. 

“It was something so exciting for everyone even though they had done it every single year of their lives,” says Brown. 

Just like Brown, senior Bethzaida Roman isn’t allowed to celebrate certain holidays as her family practices the Protestant form of Christianity. 

Roman grew up knowing things parents normally hide from their kids such as Santa Claus not being real, so she wouldn’t grow up with false hope. 

Her faith played a big part in her not being able to celebrate as it all tied back to her faith not believing that those celebrations were right. A big one being that they don’t celebrate Christmas as they believe God is mad at everyone for celebrating with presents. 

“Most people think Jesus was born on Christmas day and we don’t believe that, we think he was born in April,” says Roman. 

In Romans faith, Halloween is more look upon as “the devil’s” holiday and that if it’s celebrated, you are leaning more towards the devil than God. 

“I don’t want to look at it that I’m being sinful when it’s for entertainment and for fun,” says Roman.