Bowling team departs Perry as sport’s popularity rises

Krissy Brzycki, Page Editor

In the past, bowling was one of the many sports that had a place at Perry. However, that changed this school year, as there is no longer a school-sponsored team. 

The team functioned as a club sport, similar to lacrosse. 

Junior Antonio Gil was on the team before it disbanded. His mother became the coach after the previous coach moved out of state. 

They attribute the end of the team to low turnout rates and publicity.

“I think the main reason why most people didn’t want to sign up was because there wasn’t enough information put out,” Gil says.

He misses the team and hopes that next year it returns. 

“I definitely am passionate about [bowling],” he says. “The more you work for something, the better you’ll be. And I’ve definitely worked toward it for a while.”

Bowling has become a popular pastime, even for students who weren’t on the team. Many people will go to the bowling alley for dates, parties and just to spend time with friends in general.

“I like the atmosphere, but I’m not very good at bowling,” junior Makenna Turney says.

Although for recreation, some find the difficulty of the game frustrating. Science teacher Andy Sebold recognizes that he isn’t a professional.

“I don’t like it because I’m bad at it, and it seems like something I should be really good at,” he says.

With the rise of bowling’s popularity, more people are expressing interest in the return of a team.

“When is it? Where do I sign up?” jokes Turney.