Swim team celebrates new successes

Andrew Haggerty, Reporter

The Perry Meridian swim team’s season is picking up momentum, having already competed six times and springing back into competition Mon., Dec. 16.

Although they undergo an intense schedule, practicing Monday through Saturday each week, swimmers find support in their teammates and satisfaction in their physical improvement. 

“Swimming has helped me stay in shape and be more active, not being lazy, and it helps me to be around people who support me,” junior Fletcher Engle says. “We push each other.” 

Swimmers and divers define success by attempting to get every participant to individually improve their event. 

This previous event was no exception.

Junior Midori Adams already pushed the boundaries of success on Sat., Dec, 7h by breaking the 11-foot dive record. 

The record-breaking performance encouraged the team to push themselves personally and for each other.

While swimming and diving team compete  for a county championship this year, the team aims to continue its success with day-to-day hard work and individual improvements. 

The team uses the philosophy of individual improvements in order to reach their ultimate goal as a group.