Homecoming Compromises: from Gym Floor to Dance Floor

As the school year kicks off, and even before then, there are teachers and administrators working hard behind the scenes to make sure our classes get the full high school experience. Included in this experience is the dance that kicks off the fun for the year, homecoming. 

As hard as the school’s homecoming committee has been working, unforeseen issues still arise. When information about this year’s dance was originally pushed out it was said to be located outside, similar to last year’s setting. Then, conflicting information was put out stating that the dance would be held in the school’s auxiliary gym. This left students with questions, and in need of clarification.

But, with questions come answers. Dr. Bulmer, a new addition to the homecoming committee, is overseeing this year’s festivities. He let us in on why the dance had to be moved, even after plans were seemingly set to have it outdoors.

“As far as the choice to move things indoors, I think that had more to do with weather,” explained Bulmer. “There was a concern about the weather that night, and in advance, we wanted to make sure we secured our gymnasium,” Bulmer said, assuring it wasn’t a choice they wanted to make, but one they had to make.

Rain or shine, Perry Meridian’s homecoming dance will take place in the auxiliary gym, on Sept. 24. Though it may not be exactly what students were expecting, our homecoming committee made sure they found a solution. Thanks to them, students will be able to enjoy the excitement of the yearly homecoming dance.